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At a Glance...
→ Prefer Gdocs or Discord
→ Love the slash
→ Playing multiple characters is a plus.

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...updated Dec 9 2017
SpideyPool!! - Interested in playing either Wade or Peter. Not so into underage but we can talk - comics or movies.
→ DCTV - ColdFlash(Wave), ColdWave, FlashWave, Barry! Mick! Maybe Cisco or Kara (Super behind)
→ DC Universe (AU or pre-reboot) - I like Clex and love to play with Bart-Tim-Kon dynamics

My Must Haves

→ Adults only. I'm uncomfortable playing out certain scenes with those who are underage. 18+ only. 21+ preferred.
→ Some form of chat is a must have. Whether we play by Gdocs or thread (for group-psls only) I want to be able to talk to you about plot. I regularly use Steam, G-chat and Skype.
→ Engaging active and creative minds only please. I'm not looking to carry the entire story line myself.
→ Be able to play more then one character. This is a must as I can't help but do that and again - don't want to be Atlas here.
→ Say what's on your mind without worrying about weirding me out. Too many plot ideas have gone by the wayside because people were afraid of being strange. Bring it on. If I don't want to play it I'll let you know but I will never fault you for having the creative open-mindedness to think of something, no matter how strange or disgusting society today might find it.

Storyline ideas and cliches

Here's an idea of the types of storylines I like to play, mostly pulled from ideas Ive wanted in the past but never done. You can have a glance around and if you like these sorts of ideas we may be ideal partners! Some of them might be cliche, but cliche is cliche because its fun. Though I list het, I'm generally wanting to play slash. >.>

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